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BENT - Branding & Design Studio

6000 Stara Zagora
58 General Gurko str.,4th floor
Business Center "VEREYA"

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Stara Zagora

Located at the cross-roads of multiple civilizations, Stara Zagora is an important piece in the European cultural routes mosaic. Inhabited by ancient Thracians, Romans, Ottomans and Bulgarians, this unique city bears the historical imprint of those past civilizations along with many of their historical treasures. Proof of its longevity can be found in the multiple names of the city, each one connected with a different era of its development.

Augusta Trayana - 106 AD
Beroe - 4th and 7th centuries
Irinopolis - 784 AD
Vereya - 812 AD
Borui - 12th through 14th centuries
Eski Zara - 1364
Zheleznik - 1850
Stara Zagora – 1870